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How Pokemon Go is Killing It!

We all know that Pokemon always had a specific fan base. I still remember, when i was a kid, Pokemon was a huge thing. There were Pokemon cards everywhere and parents didn’t want us to buy those cards. Those were thought of as something very risky or even equivalent to actual cards to some extent. Anyway, that same generation that i belong to (the 90s kids) will know the feeling best of hearing the news that Pokemon Go, a new exciting game is released and it is awesome.

The news that Pokemon Go is coming is itself an awesome news for their fans but when the company revealed that this game will be nothing like they have seen in the world, the world went crazy. Yeah! Did you hear about an app based game that can cause accidents in roads? Pokemon Go already did that a few times. Those who were not Pokemon fans are also playing this game now and everyone is loving this game for many reasons.

Most of the world are still unable to play this game though as the company only released it to North America and Australia for now. Hopefully, the world get to have a taste soon.

In this article, we will basically be talking about the success of Pokemon Go! So, let’s start.

Pokemon Go The Business Aspect of It

Did you know that Pokemon go is now the biggest ever money maker in the history of game apps in United States? Yes, the recent data showed that Pokemon Go now has more users than Facebook and Twitter. It is not that these users have only downloaded the game and never played it. These are active users who are spending more time on the game than in those popular social media. These social medias never thought that a game like Pokemon will be a threat to them but that is exactly what happened.

Around 36 million users alone in United States are now playing Pokemon go which broke all the records that were there at the past. Around 4 millions are being added every day to the party.

Where the current average for most gaming companies per user is around .10 to .15, the Pokemon Go is making at least .28$ per day which broke the record of Candy Crush which had the previous highest record. The game is only 7 days old now and things are going to get even more fruitful for the company.

Do we think that the hype will go off? Well, we don’t think so that will happen anytime sooner. Yes, it will eventually happen but that will take time. You have to also understand that the game is only being released in only a few parts of the world right now. The populated parts of the world like Asia are eagerly waiting for the release though the company did not announce about the Asia release yet.

We have seen that most people who are dying to get into Pokemon are rooting their devices and faking GPS to play this awesome game. Hopefully, the company will release it all over the world soon. That will be great for not only the business but also the users who would love to live a Pikachu life once again.

If you can’t play Pokemon right now but want to enjoy the scenes, check out this playing video guide:

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